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1990: Jindal Woollen
starts its journey
with yarn

1991: In-house production begins

After a year, Jindal Woollen started its in-house unit. This empowered us to produce top quality products at will which opened newer avenues.

10 years of

By 2000, Jindal Woollen had successfully established 3 more factories. One each for recycling yarn & acrylic, recycling cashmere woollen & non-woven blankets and, woollen recycling.


Getting into
the export mode!

In 2002, Jindal Woollen started exporting products to various countries. As of 2020, 50% of our revenues come from exports.

The countries we export to:

AFRICA - Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco

EUROPE - France, Italy, Portugal, Spain

NORTH AMERICA - Canada, United States of America

South America - Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia

Taking business
beyond Panipat

In 2003, Jindal Woollen established its first factory outside of Panipat and started yarn recycling in Kandla SEZ, Gandhidham, Gujarat.


The future lies
in bedsheets
and blankets!

Jindal Woollen envisions a near-future when we will be manufacturing 5D bedsheets and funnel blankets. Owing to our in-house manufacturing unit, we have prepared ourselves for the big leap. We also plan on exporting our high-quality 3D bedsheets soon.

Winning the
market over!

Today, Jindal Woollen has achieved an extraordinary feat by becoming the No.1 company in recycling in India. Currently, our market share of the recycling yarn and recycling woollen is 70% ​and 60% respectively, of which 50% in both categories comes from exports.